Williston Public Schools #1 works as a K-12 System. What that means is we have a Curriculum Pathway Plan that ensures our students are receiving the best possible curriculum at the most appropriate grade level, so they can be successful. Our systems plan ensures quality education for all students regardless of what school students are attending in the district.

Williston Public School District #1 is standards driven. Our Curriculum Process (The What, How, How, What) ensures our teachers are continuously updating their curriculum to the latest standards and making adjustments to their teaching methods based on student achievement data.

Celebrating Individuality

Part of the vision at Williston Public School District #1 is to celebrate the individuality of our students. All of our students have a required amount of core subjects taught to them every year from Kindergarten-12th Grade, but District #1 students are able to choose elective courses starting at 5thGrade at Bakken Elementary School. As they get older, they have more opportunities, with a bevy of elective courses available at Williston Middle School and Williston High School, including numerous Career and Technical Education courses in the CTE Building of WHS.

English Learner (EL) Program 

The goal of the English Learner (EL) Program is to develop each student's academic English to help them be successful in school. In order to qualify for EL services, a student's ability to speak English is influenced by another language. The student doesn't necessarily have to speak another language.

Section 504 Plans

A Section 504 Plan is a blueprint for how the school will provide supports and remove barriers for a student with a disability, so the student has equal access to the general education curriculum. These plans prevent discrimination and protect the rights of students with disabilities in school.

Special Education and Wilmac

Williston Public School District #1 partners with the Wilmac Special Education Unit to offer accommodation plans for all who qualify, whether it be a 504 Plan or an Individual Health Care Plan. 

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