PowerSchool Help

Williston Public School District #1 is partnered with PowerSchool, a kindergarten-12th grade education technology platform, to improve the educational experience of our students. With PowerSchool, District #1 can:

  • record grades
  • track attendance
  • manage student fees
  • send alert messages to parents
  • and more

We ask that all new parents/guardians of students in Williston Public School District #1 create a PowerSchool account. Even if you have multiple children within the district, you will only need one PowerSchool account.

Williston Public School District #1's code: GKFT.

Setting Up Your PowerSchool Account

If you do not know your Parent Portal Account information, please contact your child's school for your Access ID and Password. If you have your Access ID and Password, follow the Parent Portal link to create your account. You can easily find the Parent Portal link in the top bar of every District #1 website. 

Follow these steps to create your PowerSchool Account:

  1. Select the Create Account tab on the sign in page.
  2. Enter your First NameLast Name, and Email as requested on the screen.
  3. Create your Desired Username and Password (minimum of six characters)
  4. In the Link Students to Account section, enter the Student Name, and the Access ID provided by the school, as well as your Relationship to the student.
  5. If you have additional children that you have an Access ID for, you may enter their information at this time.
  6. Once all this information is entered correctly, select Enter to create your new login.
  7. The system will revert to the sign in page with a message that your account was created successfully.
  8. You may now login with the Username and Password that you set.
  9. Your children's first names will display across the top bar. Select the child whose data you would like to see. 

Through PowerSchool you can set up Email Notifications, Add other Children, and download the PowerSchool App.

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