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My School Bucks

7 months ago

Did you know you can monitor your child’s lunch balance from your computer or cell phone? We encourage parents to sign up online! Even if you don’t want to pay online, you can receive email notifications when your child reaches a certain balance on their lunch account.

Creating an account is easy. All you will need is your child's school ID number.
No more lost lunch money, no more hassle!

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Instructions for Online Lunch Balance and Prepayments:

To access these services:

1.Simply go to

2.Click on “Register for a free account”

3.Choose North Dakota

4.Choose Williston

5.Enter your personal information

6.Enter your login ID

7.Now you can look up your students by doing:

        a. School Name

        b. Student Name

        c. ID Number –You Can get your student’s ID number from, the

                                 school, or on their schedule, or by calling Lynelle

                                 at 701-572-5618 ext. 1220 or


  • If you have more than one child in the District you can handle all the online payments from the same online account
  • A convenience fee of $1.95 will be assessed. Williston Public Schools does NOT profit from this fee. To offset the cost of this convenience fee, the District food service department will provide one FREE regular priced meal for every $50.00 that is placed on their account. Parents making multiple meal deposits will only be charged the $1.95 once per deposit
  • Under email preferences, the system automatically will email you when the balance of your child reaches $9.00, but you can change that if you prefer.
  • If you choose not to take advantage of online prepayments, you can continue to make advance payments via check or cash at the school. Checks can be made to WPSD #1 Food Service. Please write your child’s full name on the check. Schools cannot take debit or credit cards at their site.
  • Students may not have more than a negative $5.00 balance. Students are not allowed to charge extra entrees, extra milk, milk break, or a la carte items.
If you have questions about these services, please feel free to contact Lynelle Johnson, Food Service Director at 701-572-1580 ext. 1220 Or email

*Middle School Lunch information:•
  • Extra entrees may be purchased for $.1.00each
  • Extra milk, bottled water, or juicy juice are sold daily for $.50 each
  • Students must have a positive lunch account balance in order to purchase extras
  • Students will be reminded in the lunch line that they need to bring money

My Plate

about 1 month ago


What is MyPlate? MyPlate is a program ran by the USDA that serves as a reminder for families to have a healthy eating style and continue it throughout your lifetime. MyPlate replaced the food pyramid in 2011 and its aim was to create an easier, more understandable approach to building healthy lifestyles. MyPlate focuses on 4 ways to implement healthy eating habits into everyday lives. The first point is to remember that all food and beverage choices matter. It’s important to focus on the variety, amount, and nutrition content of the things we are consuming. These can be followed by making choices from all 5 food groups and also eating to right amount of calories for each individual person. Nutrient information and approximate calorie needs can be found using the SuperTracker that is provided free of charge by the USDA. MyPlate also encourages choosing an eating style that is low in saturated fats, sodium, and added sugars. These can be determined by reading the nutrient facts labels on foods, but can also be found using the SuperTracker. Making small changes to create healthier eating is an important tip as well. Moving from low-fat to no fat, making half your plate fruits and vegetables, making half your grains whole grains are just a few of the examples of smalls steps that can be taken to create a healthier lifestyle. A great way to help your family stay healthy is to support healthy eating for everyone. Creating a setting where healthy choices are available and convenient is an excellent way to set you and your family up for success. These are just a few ways to make our families healthier. For more information regarding MyPlate and healthy choices, visit the MyPlate website at

By Lynelle Johnson