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3 months ago

Where do I register?

   Registration takes place at our district office located at 1201 9TH AVE NW in Williston. You may also contact the district office at 701-572-1580.

What do I need to bring for registration?

   Please bring the following with you to register your child:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Proof of Residence
  • Any documentation that you may have from a previous school

Does my school have an orientation/back to school night?

   Yes! Each school's orientation/back to school night is different, so please watch the mail, your school's website or social media page for school specific information.

What are the immunization rules for our state?

If my child has special needs, who do I contact?

   In Williston and the surrounding areas, the unit for special education is called Wilmac Special Education Unit. Please visit their website for more information:

What activities/athletics are available in the Williston community?

   Our Parent Advisory Council had put together an amazing guide that contains this information. It is located on the PAC page:

Once I register, when can my child start school?

   The following day, provided you have provided up to date immunization records upon enrollment.

Who will my child’s teacher be?

   The school principal will determine who the teacher will be.

What school will my children attend? Will my kids be split up between schools?

   Our goal is to keep all students in a family together.  The school your child will attend will be based on your child’s unique needs and classroom availability.  The school your child attends may not be the school closest to your home.

Is there busing?

   WPSD #1 does not currently bus our students.

What preschools are available in the area?

  •  Head Start
  • The Corcoran School
  • Trinity Christian School
  • St. Joseph School
  • Quantum Learning Center
  • Little Scholar Preschool
  • Jumping Beans Preschool
  • Pinnacle Preschool
  • Ekblad Development Center
  • Shining Star Preschool

PowerSchool App

3 months ago

Directions for Installing the PowerSchool App:

1 – Find the PowerSchool Mobile App in your app store.
Note: you can search using the Server Address: and Port Number: 442

2 – Download the app onto your device

3 – Open app

4 – When prompted, enter our district’s four (4) letter code: GKFT

5 – Enter your username and password

6 – You’re all set!

Sign in page screenshot

PowerSchool Mobile App Logo

Parent Advisory Council

3 months ago

What is PAC?

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is an advisory body to the Superintendent.

In July 2013, a focus group of parents were asked what the Williston School District #1 should be paying attention to and plan for during the next few years.

From that “Focus Group”, the Parent Advisory Council was formed in August 2013. The PAC is the advisory body to the Superintendent. The PAC identifies, studies, and makes recommendations in the areas identified. The PAC addresses issues brought to the board’s attention by staff members, the Principals, teacher representatives and parent representatives.

For more information, please visit

For all the latest PAC information, please visit and LIKE the PAC Facebook Page.


Strategic Plan Feedback

3 months ago

Wpsd #1 Strategic Plan

Please Email Dr. Lafontaine if you have any comments

Strategic Planning Process

about 1 year ago

In March 2015, a group consisting of the School Board, administration, and teaching staff took part in a process aimed at identifying the main things the Williston Public School district needed to pay attention to and plan for during the next five years. “Main Things” were derived from a review of the existing strategic plan, the AdvancEd (school improvement) Report, and comments related to strengths and things that most needed improvement. From this process, eight (8) goals were developed as follows:

1. The Williston Public School District will continue working to achieve consistency in implementing policies at all the buildings throughout the district.

2. The Williston Public School District will continue the process of articulating curriculum K-12 and evaluating the success of the curriculum.

3. The Williston Public School District will ensure that professional development activities align with individual, school, and district improvement goals.

4. The Williston Public School District will continue to plan and implement programs and systems to address troubled students at risk of dropping out, bullying (including cyber-bullying), gangs, students with special needs, ELL students (students who do not speak English as their first language), and students displaying socially unacceptable behavior.

5. The Williston Public School District will continue and expand efforts to recruit and retain high quality teachers.

6. The Williston Public School District will plan and implement a process to address gaps in communication.

7. The Williston Public School District will plan and implement a district-wide teacher evaluation system to improve instructional practices.

8. The Williston Public School District will plan and implement a district-wide technology plan that addresses technology infrastructure needs and the need to use technology wisely to enhance student learning.

In October 2015 a group consisting of the School Board, administration, teaching staff, and community members took part in a process aimed at developing plans to address the eight (8) goals. A ninth goal was added as follows:

9. The Williston Public School District will complete a process of short-term and long-term facility planning. It was discovered at this planning session that facility planning had been done for the high school but more needed to be done at the elementary level.

Participants were divided into eight sub-groups. The tasks of each group were as follows: (1) Review the language of the goal and make changes as appropriate (WHAT), (2) Review the language of the rationale for the goal and make changes as appropriate (WHY), (3) Write strategies to achieve goal (HOW), (4) List special considerations during implementation, and (5) Write assessments to monitor progress or measure success during implementation.

All of the plans were displayed online and all participants were invited to rate how much they agreed with the plans from each group and to rate how much priority the School Board should give each goal. The response rate was 25 of 32 or 78%, and the results were displayed in a document titled “Planning Summary Report,” which is on file at the office of the Superintendent and may be reviewed upon request.

Health Care information

Food Services

over 2 years ago

For menus, nutrition information, paying on students lunch account, information on free and reduced lunches, etc. Please visit: