Exclusion of Ill Individuals

Children attending child care or school should be free of known infectious diseases, unless the facility has the capabilities to care for the sick child. Behavioral characteristics of children make for easy transmission of infectious agents.

The following table outlines the recommendations for exclusion for specific diseases. These guidelines should be followed unless a school or child care facility has a more stringent policy in place. For more information about any of these conditions, please visit www.ndhealth.gov/disease/. For disease specific resources, please see the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) fact sheets at www.ndhealth.gov/disease/faq/faqs.aspx.

General Exclusion Criteria

Regardless of the disease, children should be excluded from child care or school if they meet any of the following exclusion criteria: 

  1. The staff determines the child is unwilling or unable to participate in activities.
  2. The staff determines that they cannot care for the child without compromising their ability to care for the health and safety of the other children in the group.
  3. The child has a fever (oral temperature above 101 °F, axillary temperature above 100°F, rectal temperature above 102°F) along with difficulty breathing, changes in behavior, lethargy, irritability, or persistent crying.
  4. The child experiences vomiting two or more times in the preceding 24 hours, unless determined to be caused by a non-communicable condition and child is able to remain  hydrated and participate in activities.

Children should be excluded from child care if they meet the following criteria: 

  1. The child has diarrhea and stool is not contained in diaper or if fecal accidents occur in a child who is toilet trained, or if stool frequency exceeds two or more stools above normal for that child, or if stool contains blood or mucus.

Children and staff should be excluded from school if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The individual has diarrhea and cannot self-contain stool.

Posted: January 26, 2018


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We would like to say "Thank You" to Western Cooperative Credit Union for donating school supplies to the Williston School Districts! The employees donated $600.33 worth of school supplies and backpacks for children in need. Thank you very much for partnering with our district, Western Cooperative Credit Union!
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In an effort to keep class sizes as manageable as possible, any K-4 student who has registered from this day forward will be placed at McVay Elementary where there is currently more space. If you have not enrolled your student for the current school year, please finish registration as soon as possible. If you have moved out of the district, please call the District Office at 701-572-1580.Than
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For RETURNING students, parents need to log in to their PowerSchool Parent Portal and complete registration for each student. For NEW students to the district, parents need to bring the required documents to the District Office, at which point, they will be emailed a registration link and need to register online.  If online registration is not complete, the student is not enrolled for this year.
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