Williston Coyote Foundation


The Williston Coyote Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered through the IRS. All donations made to the Williston Coyote Foundation go to helping Williston Public School District #1 in a variety of ways, including scholarships for students and grants for faculty and staff.

The Mission of the Williston Coyote Foundation is "to advance, promote and improve all aspects of the Williston Public School System, its students, former students, teachers, and employees." For more information, please visit the Williston Coyote Foundation website.


The Coyote Foundation keeps track of Williston High School alumni through their alumni registry and keeps them informed of all District #1 news with their newsletter. Most class reunions use the Coyote Foundation as a way to get in touch with fellow classmates and disseminate information about their plans.

The Coyote Foundation and District #1

Without the Williston Coyote Foundation and donations from the community, Williston Public School District #1 would not be what it is today. Their donations were essential to the creation of our STEM program, the sustained success of our Career and Technical Education classes, or the continued beautiful and renovations of our facilities.

The Williston Coyote Foundation also offers scholarships to graduating seniors from Williston High School. The Coyote Foundation gives more scholarship money to graduating seniors than any other nonprofit organization associated with a public school district in the state of North Dakota. Please visit the Scholarships page on the Coyote Foundation website for more information on scholarship qualifications, past winners, and to fill out their one, simple application.