New Students

Welcome to Williston Public School District #1!
To enroll your NEW student, you will need to complete these steps:
Verify that you physically reside within WPSD#1 boundaries by visiting the Williams County website and searching your address.  If it is in YELLOW, you reside in WPSD#1.  If it is any other color, you do not reside in WPSD#1 and will need to enroll your students in their home district.*NOTE: 9-12 grade students who reside in Williams County School District 8 are allowed to enroll at WPSD#1 for the 2020-2021 school year.
Fill out the 2020-2021 New Student Pre-Registration Form (English or Spanish
) and provide each of the following:

  • Student's State Certified Birth Certificate
  • Student's Current Immunization Record
  • Parent/Guardian Current Photo ID
  • Primary Proof of Residence (Choose one from items below)
    • Home Mortgage Statement OR
    • Notarized Residency Affidavit OR
    • Builder's Agreement OR
    • Purchase Agreement OR
    • Homeowner's Insurance Policy OR
    • Renter's Insurance Policy OR
    • Williams County Property Tax Statement OR
    • Lease/Rental Agreement
  • Secondary Proof of Residence
    • Current Gas, Electricity, or Water Bill OR
    • Current Cable or Satellite TV Bill OR
    • Department of Social Services Documentation
*If you have just moved and do not have a secondary proof of residence, you may be given a 30-day extension to provide that to the District Office.
**Unacceptable Documents: US Mail, Post Office Change of Address, Credit Card/Bank Statements, Personal Taxes, Medical Bills, Payroll Checks, Auto Insurance Policies, W-2 Forms, or any other document not listed above.

3. The District Office Enrollment Specialist will review the information and documents provided and will email the parent/guardian a Snapcode email to access and complete the enrollment form online. This should happen within 48 hours of completing the pre-registration form, as long as all documents were provided.

4. After the enrollment form has been submitted. the enrollment specialist will finish delivering the new student's information to their assigned school and send an email too the parent/guardian with the school's information. The school will then notify the parent/guardian about classroom assignments, school schedule, and what day to start school.

McKinney-Vento Program

If you and your student are living in one of the following, please contact Allison Stensland at (701)609-7673 for more information about our McKinney-Vento* program and any resources that may be available to you.

  • Share Housing (name not on lease) due to economic hardship. loss of housing, or other
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Camper
  • Car or Public Place (parking lot, well/construction site, private/truck yard, park, abandoned building)
  • Family Crisis Shelter
  • Unaccompanied Youth with no legal caregiver or parent
*The McKinney-Vento Act, U.S.C.A. 42 Section 11302 (a) is a federal law designed to remove barriers to education created by homelessness and provide for the educational rights of students in transition.

Enrollment FAQs

Q:  My student turned 5 after August 1, 2020.  Can I enroll them into Kindergarten this year?

A:  No, per North Dakota Century Code 15.1-06-01, the student must be 5 years of age by August 1 of that school year unless they have been attending kindergarten in another state.

Q:  Can I choose what school my students will go to?

A:  In an effort to have students attend their “neighborhood school”, the enrollment specialist will try to place new K-4 students at the school closest to their residence.  Due to the current enrollment and class sizes in our district, that is not always possible, and students are sometimes placed at whichever school can accommodate them based on class sizes.

Q:  How soon will my new student be attending classes once they are enrolled?

A:  For grades K-8, there may be up to 2 full school days before your student will begin classes after all enrollment steps have been completed.

For grades 9-12, it may take up to 1 week (or longer) after all enrollment steps have been completed before your student will begin classes.  This all depends on how long it takes to receive records from the student’s previous school.  A representative from WHS will contact the parent/guardian when this is complete.  If you have a copy of your student’s unofficial transcript, please email it to to help expedite the process.

Q:  I can’t get my documents to upload into the pre-registration form, what should I do?

A:  Email the documents to, or bring to the District Office, 1201 9th Ave NW, Williston, ND 58801.

For any enrollment questions, please email or call (701)572-1580