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Welcome to the Williston Public School District #1 page for online learning resources for parents and students.
This site will provide information and resources for students and families. This year WPSD#1 adopted CoyoNet, a ClassLink single sign-on platform that allows teachers and students to use one username and password to access everything they need.

General Recommendations for Distance Learning

Set up a work area for your student at home away from TV/social media distractions

Come up with a schedule, but let your child have input. Distance learning doesn’t have to be between regular school hours. Set aside study times, break times and recreation times that make the most sense for your child. Check if there are specific times the teacher is requesting students join a video chat.

During work times - consider limiting phone/social media access. We know when the phone is nearby focus on work declines substantially. There may be times when phone access is appropriate during work time, like a group project or study session over the phone with friends. There should be a balance, but many aspects of distance learning will be individual.

Use these ergonomic tips to help you better use your laptop while studying:

  • Keep the top of your screen at eye level.
  • Use your arm to move your mouse, not your wrist.
  • Your wrists should not be twisted or bent when you to type. Use a separate keyboard if necessary.
  • Take breaks every 30 minutes. Stand up, walk around and move your eyes around the room.
  • Make sure your feet touch the floor flatly and keep your knees bent at a right angle.
  • Use a quality chair that provides back support.

Parents Frequently Asked Questions

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