On Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 Representative Dyk testified as a Sponsor on HB 1522. During his testimony, he made the following statement about K-12 Educators: “educators are grooming our impressionable children to consider sterilization and mutilation”.

Additionally, Representative Dyk made a statement about members of the Williston High School Football team beating up a transgender student in the high school bathroom. This statement is completely false and is damaging to the Williston High School football program and to the character of the young men who participate on this team.

Please see details regarding Representative Dyk’s statement below:

You can watch his testimony here:


Representative Dyk begins at 10:03:09, references our educators at 11:02:29, and ends at 11:15:45.

The Williston Basin School District and Williston Education Association want to express that we find these statements to be disrespectful and damaging to public educators in the Williston Basin School District #7 and to the coach and student-athletes who participate on the Williston High School football team. We want the Williston Basin School District #7 staff to know that we have the utmost respect for the work they do daily. Additionally, we want our student-athletes and football coaching staff to know that we are proud of their team and coach for the character they exhibit on and off the field.

Representative Dyk’s statements about K-12 educators foster a false narrative about teachers and the work they do every day. His comments regarding our football program are also damaging to the reputations of the young men and coaches who work hard to represent Williston High School with pride. We would hope that Representative Dyk would reconsider the damage that his false statements have done to the Williston Basin School District #7 K-12 educators and our Williston High School football program.

We respectfully request that Representative Dyk issue a public retraction and apology for these statements as being untrue and hurtful to all involved. 


The Williston Education Association and The Williston Basin School District #7 Administration.