Student learning about parts of a heart

Today, in Mr. Liebel’s 7th grade science classes, students dissected deer hearts.  Mr. Liebel is a science teacher at the ASB Innovation Academy, and is also a local outdoorsman, and so this hands-on experience was a great way for him to showcase his knowledge in both.  In order to have enough hearts for all of his classes, Mr. Liebel reached out to parents and local hunters for donations and received 20 hearts in total.  Before the dissecting began, students learned about the parts of a heart, including the four chambers, ventricles, and atriums.  They also learned that deer hearts and human hearts are nearly identical, except deer hearts are larger.  While not every student wanted to actually cut into the hearts, they all seemed to enjoy the experience.

WARNING: The photos in this album contain graphic images of deer hearts being dissected.

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