Kevin Klassen

Williston, N.D., (June 30, 2022) – Williston Basin School District #7 is happy to announce the selection of Mr. Kevin Klassen to the position of Assistant Superintendent.  Mr. Klassen will be joining the administrative team made up of Dr. Richard Faidley, Superintendent, and Mrs. Lori Olson, Assistant Superintendent.  During the June 13th meeting, the school board approved Dr. Faidley’s recommendation for a new organizational chart for the district which included a second assistant superintendent position to be filled internally.  The reorganization of administrative personnel resulted in a savings of $166,783.  A total of five applicants were received, from which Mr. Klassen was selected.  “It was evident during the selection process that Kevin brings a wealth of experience.  He is student and staff centered, focused on developing relationships, and knowledgeable about leadership,” said Dr. Faidley.  Chris Jundt, School Board President, had this to say, “Mr. Klassen brings an abundance of educational experience to the position that will serve the district and its students well.” 

Mr. Klassen’s skill at developing relationships is no secret to those who know him.  Serving as the principal for Rickard Elementary School since 2015, he has earned a deep respect not only from his staff members, but from the parents and students he serves, along with the community.  Mr. Jundt continued to say, “He has created a positive school culture during his tenure as Principal of Rickard Elementary that will be useful at the district level as we build upon our school culture across the district.”  Prior to his time at Rickard, Mr. Klassen served as the Superintendent for Surrey Public School District #41.   

When asked about Mr. Klassen filling this role, Dr. Faidley had this to say, “I am excited for Mr. Klassen to join my district office team.  We are looking forward to the future and to transforming WBSD#7 into a high achieving school district.”  Mr. Klassen shared in that sentiment by stating, “I’m very excited.  I think there will be challenges moving forward, but nothing we can’t get through if we are committed to teamwork and perseverance.” 

Mr. Klassen’s contract will begin on July 1st, 2022.